Dingolay Gourmet Peppersauce. [Pineapple] (3Pack)

Dingolay Gourmet Peppersauce (All Natural) is a melodious dance of authentic Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers harmonized in fresh tropical fruits and infused with exotic spices. The crescendo is a delightful gourmet peppersauce exploding in flavors that ignite the movement of body and soul.



Dingolay Gourmet Peppersauce is amazingly versatile bringing out the flavor in every meal. It can be used on its own or for cooking and pairs perfectly with curry, rice, pasta, meats and seafood. Dingolay is all natural and contains no artificial colors or preservatives.

The golden glow of the scotch bonnet pepper mixed with the natural blush of color of selected fruits and spices give Dingolay a sumptuous tropical hue.

Dingolay Gourmet Peppersauce welcomes your refined and discriminating palate to its irresistible mouthwatering Original Gourmet, Mango Gourmet and Pineapple Gourmet Peppersauces.

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All Fruit Flavor


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100% Natural, Gluten Free, Vegetarian Friendly

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